Brooks’ analytical systems enable our customers to leverage the power of automation in analytical applications to deliver unparalleled benefits and advantages. Our systems enable laboratories to achieve efficient, accurate, and reliable results leading improved research outcomes and cost reductions. Explore the future with our pioneering analytical automation solutions.

AIM autosamplers

AIM3200 Autosampler

Fast, compact autosampler.

AIM3300 Autosampler

Flexible autosampler. Holds 3 sample racks and up to 2 standards racks.

AIM3600 Autosampler

The highest capacity autosampler in Brooks' range. Holds 7 sample racks and up to 2 standards racks.

AIM4000 Autosampler

Setting the bar in innovative autosampler design. Holds 4 sample racks and 1 standards rack.

PreciseFlex Sample Handlers and Cobots

PreciseFlex 400

Sample Handler is ideal for benchtop applications where safety, ease of use, and space savings are critical.

PreciseFlex 3400

(3kg payload) - Ideal for sample handling when more payload is needed.

PreciseFlex DD 4-axis

(8kg payload) - The latest generation of cobots with a tall Z-axis and large cylindrical work envelope of 900mm.