The following tables list important past software releases for the Guidance Development Suite.  This group of Windows PC applications includes the GPL editor/debugger and the PreciseFlex™ Datalogger Viewer.

After a file is downloaded, it should be executed in order to install a complete set of GDS applications.  For complete installation instructions, please see the GDS Introduction and Reference Manual.

To download a file, click on the Version ID.

Version 4.0

Version IDRelease DateDescription
Sept 3, 2020
Updated release of GDS 4.0, which:  
  • Includes latest GPL version 4.2 documentation.
  • Required for GCU to access the revised PreciseFlex™ firmware library.
  • Fixes occasional exceptions in the Datalogger.
  • Adds timing information to Guidance Update output.
  • Includes all updates from
April 18, 2018
Updated release of GDS 4.0. New features include:  
  • Add "Open Exceptions Window" item under Debug menu to support DataID 307.
  • Add RPC items under Debug menu to support DataID 464.
  • Fix bug causing exception if certain flash operations took too long.
  • Includes all updates from
September 11, 2017
Updated release of GDS 4.0. New features include:  
  • Add support for new CAT3 modes.
  • Add support for 32-bit encoders in GCU.
  • Add support for flash partitions in preferences.
  • Add new GPL 4.1 instructions to GDE.
  • Fix bug that can delete .gpl files on local PC.
  • Includes all updates from
  • Fix bug preventing use with controllers that have RAM memory size > 16Mbyte
  • Fix bug with datalog window display during tuning.  Continuous mode fills up screen with new windows.
  • Fix bug preventing hover from working in edit mode.
  • Includes all updates from version
October 15, 2015

First major release of Guidance Development Suite, version 4.0.  New features include:

  • Full support for Window 7 and 8.  Uses .NET 4.0 framework.
  • GDE supports international characters when used with GPL 4.0 or later.
  • Firmware Update Wizard and configuration manager can download GPL systems and FPGA firmware directly from Brooks FTP site.
  • Datalogger viewer has better colors and delta-time display.
  • General bugs fixes and speed improvements.
  • Fixes a problem starting the Guidance Datalog viewer from GCU.
  • Fixes a bug truncating some data in .pac files when saved by GCU.
  • Includes version 4.0 documentation library.

Version 3.1

Version IDRelease DateDescription
September 4, 2014

Updated release of GDS 3.1.  Fixes crash in hover expression parsing.  Miscellaneous bug fixes. Includes all updates from version
October 19, 2013

Updated production release of GDS 3.1.  Adds format flash, time set, Precise Vision backup, and –autorun command line switch to Guidance Update Wizard.  Fixes bugs in GCU for systems with > 6 axes.  Adds "find" of selected text to GDE.  Fixes bugs in GDE if console output too long, variable names too long. Includes all updates included in version
February 27, 2013

Updated production release of GDS 3.1.  Adds "Copy to Flash" tab to the Guidance Update Wizard.  Fixes a GDE bug causing "index out of range" errors when used with GPL 3.2.  Fixes a bug in the new JogTo feature of GDE that resulted in an exception sometimes being thrown when this feature is selected. Adds support for numeric and string variable arrays to the GDE .gpo file editor.  May be required for newer application programs that use these arrays. Includes all updates included in version
April 15, 2012

Production release of GDS version 3.1.  New features include "Jog To" panel within GDE, support for editing numeric global variables and frequency analysis within the Datalogger Viewer.

Version 3.0

Version IDRelease DateDescription
June 1, 2011

Updated production release of GDS 3.0. Changes include: improved object editor that supports arrays and copying between projects, new JogTo feature for moving to a location variable, new Auto Backup feature, mixed-case project and file names, support for new encoder types and kinematic modules, new motor definitions, separate GDS and PV license handling, improved messages during license operations. Includes all updates included in version
July 1, 2010

Production release of GDS version 3.0.  New features include support for GPL Project Libraries; multiple PC hard drive folder access via the Project Manager; font size selection; support for .TEXT property for Locations, Profiles and RefFrames in the Object Editor; compatibility with Windows Vista and 7; improved hover mode; support for GPL 3.0 language syntax.

Version 2.1

Version IDRelease DateDescription
March 19, 2009
Production release of GDS version 2.1.  New features include file protection for GPL projects, dynamic updates of global values that takes effect immediately in currently executing project, support for GPL 2.1 including latching and conveyor tracking, improved support for debugging multiple threads and new compiler error tool that allows a user to jump to the program line where an error was detected. Enhancements to Configuration Utility include new firmware update wizard, enhanced current loop tuning, improved encoder filtering and support for G2xxxB/C Series controllers

Version 2.0

Version IDRelease DateDescription
April 22, 2008

Production release of GDS version 2.0.  Added new application (Guidance Discovery) that displays  and modifies  IP addresses of controllers  on the local network .  Added support for configuring absolute encoders and configuring multiple controllers connected via the Brook Servo Network.   Significantly enhanced PID loop tuning.

Version 1.5

Version IDRelease DateDescription
May 29 , 2007
Production release of GDS version 1.5. Added new utility to simplify loading GPL projects that are distributed with custom application web interfaces. Several enhancements to Guidance Development Editor, Datalogger Viewer and PreciseFlex™ Configuration Utility to further simplify their use.

Version 1.3

Version IDRelease DateDescription
January 18, 2007
Production release of GDS version 1.3.  Added editing window enhancements, new Project Manager functions and enhanced robot control functions.  Added new GPL methods and properties to support new V1.3 GPL methods. GDE no longer leaves hidden background threads running that slowed down PC execution. Improved thread stopping when a long motion is executing.  Clearing breakpoints is now project wide.