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Pathway Labor, Parts, and ValueLine Portfolio

Pathway Labor Portfolio provides customers with access to Brooks factory-trained and certified service professionals, who provide expert support and exceptional repair quality. Customers may purchase these labor offerings at any time during the life of a tool — from initial sale through full production — for prioritized and/or committed availability of resources to support faster repair cycles and increased uptime. Available options include dedicated and on-call resources, installation and start-up, and on-site and telephone support services. 

Available to cover both supported and end-of-life (EOL) products, Labor Portfolio options are selected/designed based on customer requirements, regional support, and field usage data to help customers achieve maximum uptime and a predictable, well-maintained fleet. By combining these labor offerings with Pathway Spares Packages, customers get the service and parts they need to further accelerate repair or preventative maintenance cycle time for even greater flexibility and value.  

Pathway Labor Portfolio provides customers with access to Brooks factory-trained and certified service professionals, who provide expert support and exceptional repair quality.

Pathway labor and parts offerings give our customers flexibility based on their operating environment, install base, and regional support. Labor and parts packages can be customized to have guaranteed resources and response times, thereby ensuring a speedy repair and fast return to production.  

Brooks offers a wide array of Service and Support activities, based on flexible service models, to meet OEM and end user needs, including:

Pathway Onsite Support

With Pathway Onsite Support, Brooks serves as a valued extension of the customer’s internal engineering, manufacturing, and product support team, bringing critical knowledge, expertise, and experience to navigate pathways to success. Our local and regional technical experts, available across the globe, provide timely and local support to customers at their facilities to keep Brooks products running at peak performance. Based on customer requirements, we develop and deliver differentiated solutions that range from proprietary products to highly responsive engineering and manufacturing services.  

Pathway Tailored Programs

Brooks offers a choice of flexible service programs that can be customized to meet specific customer needs. When customers place their trust in Brooks, we work tirelessly to meet our service agreements and deliver exceptional results, so we can uphold their confidence and earn their long-term loyalty.  

Winning trust starts with building upon a relationship that speaks to customer-specific needs. That’s why every service agreement begins with a detailed analysis of each customer’s unique requirements. Once needs and expectations are clearly understood, the Brooks Account Manager and Customer Service Engineer will help develop a service program that best suits the customer’s desired service strategy.

We can tailor a service program — with components ranging from on-site Customer Service Engineers to e-diagnostic tools — designed to increase system uptime, improve throughput, and ensure output quality and consistency for the perfect blend of price, performance, and productivity.

Pathway Extended Warranty

The Pathway Extended Warranty provides Brooks customers with an additional 12 months of coverage during the initial warranty period. Coverage includes first-shift labor Monday through Friday as well as all corrective and preventive maintenance parts. Purchased at the point of tool sale for a discount off list price, the Extended Warranty is a known, fixed cost for customers, which eliminates service expense surprises during that additional year of coverage.   

With the Pathway Extended Warranty, skilled, experienced Brooks service team professionals maintain covered tools to help ensure consistently high performance and minimize unscheduled downtime. This service option is designed to give customers peace of mind, with full coverage and priority response times for an extended period, enabling them to focus internal resources on strategic priorities rather than tool maintenance.

Pathway Spares

Pathway Spares Packages provide Brooks-defined spares that can be purchased at any time during the life of a tool — from initial sale through full production — enabling customers to better meet quick turnaround requirements and support older installed fleets. Pre-kitted spares packages allow customers to purchase a captive inventory of factory-certified spares based on their tool model and usage history. These flexible packages provide a path to extend tool life for end-of-life (EOL) tools by maintaining a stock of recommended critical parts.  

Assembled in the region, spares packages ensure that customers have the parts in the right place at the right time to minimize wait periods and maximize tool uptime. Brooks recommends that customers combine purchased spares packages with service offerings from the Pathway Labor Portfolio to best maintain their existing fleet and ensure superior, repeatable repair quality.

ValueLine™ Certified Refurbished Equipment

Whether customers urgently need a replacement product for a tool down or simply want to add to their spares inventory, a high-quality, refurbished ValueLine 12-month warrantied product provides  an exceptional value. Refurbished using genuine OEM parts and tested to the same specification as new product, ValueLine equipment delivers a certified level of quality that today’s demanding fabs can count on with confidence.

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