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PreciseFlex 400/300

These PreciseFlex™ robots are available in either four-axis or three-axis configurations. The four-axis configuration (PreciseFlex™ 400) has a servo gripper for handling plates stored in stacks, while the three-axis configuration (PreciseFlex™ 300) has a servo tube gripper for handling cylindrical samples from a sample rack.

The PreciseFlex™ 400/300 are autosamplers developed specifically for benchtop applications where price, ease-of-use, space requirements, and safety are critical.

The PreciseFlex™ 400/300 line has been adopted by nearly every major life science/laboratory automation company as their robot of choice, with integration into a host of life science OEM products.

For both configurations, the robot can be set up using either an easy-to-use web-based interface or an optional advanced programming environment.

Key Benefits:

  • Space-saving design services many stations in a small work cell.
  • Provides collision/drop detection as well as squeeze force control. 
  • Also available with a linear rail to service multiple stations.
  • Servo grippers allow robot to pick up a wide variety of sample sizes.
  • Embedded Guidance Motion Controller offers unique free mode teaching aids.
  • Auto-centering aid reduces failures due to sample variations. 
  • Automatic sample Z-height detection.